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Sex between virgin kissing cousins

It was partially open, so I put my head up to it, to catch a gimps of what was occurring inside. Report Abuse. My horny male relatives knew enough to keep their paws off me until I was matured and ready to give up some honey to someone Sex between virgin kissing cousins knew and trusted. You didn't show the signs we were expecting. In June and Dan's bedroom. I wrapped my legs around his denim jeans and held him in tight just the way I saw the other girls doing it behind the schoolhouse. Related stories Related Videos Related galleries. This visit had changed my Freebsd virtual private perl web hosting view of sex, as I gained my first real, full-on experience…. With a Sex between virgin kissing cousins she realized she was feeling a lot of those streaks of pleasure between her legs. All comments betweeb moderated and may take up to 24 hours to be posted.

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My name is Thyago, I am 16 years old, 1.

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  • She fucked the Husband of her cousin an he comes inside.

This is a true account of a playful time between myself and my female cousin at a time when we were both in the mood for some sexual exploration. My cousin, Diane, called to ask if she could stay with my wife and I. She had to attend a convention and thought she'd kill two birds with one stone, visit us, while saving money on a hotel bill. My first sexual experience with a girl occurred when I was 15 years old.

Of course I had done some basic stuff with girlfriends, but nothing that is worth writing about. This is a print version of story Kissing cousin took my virginity by AtlantaPhotographer from xHamster.

Kissing cousin took my virginity Well I was 13, and it was with my cousin. Everyone was at my house for the 4th of july. My entire family about 20 people was out by the pool swimming and BBQ'n.

I saw Suzanne go inside the house to use the restroom. She was 14 yo, blonde, small tits and a cute little teen bubble butt. She was wearing a yellow and orange swim suit, that when wet, would creep into her ass crack.

I waited about a minute after she went inside and then I followed her in. Knowing that the door from my room to the bathroom would not lock properly, this offered me the perfect chance to see her and be able to make it out like I walked in without knowing she was there. When I opened the door I suspected to see her using the restroom, but instead she was looking at my dirty magazine that I had hidden under the sink.

When the door opened she quickly turned around with a shameful look on her face, then quickly directed the shame at me for having the magazine. It did not take long for me to notice that her chest was rising and falling very quickly with her breathing heavily and her heart was pounding. I asked her not to tell anyone that I had the magazine and made her the deal that I would not tell anyone that I saw her looking at it. I returned to the pool where everyone else was, followed by her moments later.

I grabbed a burger and headed over to the porch swing to eat. I could not help but make a sly comment about her liking hotdogs, and she just smiled and said that she had never had a real one.

At this age I did not know what she really meant. Suzanne and her parents lived about 3 hours away from us, she when they came down for holidays they always stayed the night before heading home the next day.

As night set in my dad started to build a bond fire, as we did every year. I whispered to Suzanne that I was going to go inside to use the rest room, then winked at her. I wanted her to walk in on my, but I did not really think that she would.

I was only in the bathroom for a moment when I saw the door opened slowly. Suzanne walked in and asked me if I would show her my penis. Then she quickly made me a deal that if I showed her mine, she would show me hers. I told her that she had a deal, but it must be at the same time so that I was assured she was not going to try and trick me.

I pulled my pants down and kept my penis covered with my hand. She unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down to her knees. Slowly she began pulling her panties down revealing a nicely mounded puss that was covered with what appeared to be soft hair.

I moved my hand, allowing her to see my cock. She immediately asked me how big it was when it got hard. I smiled at her and replied that she would have to see for herself. She said she was afraid of getting caught, so we needed to go back outside. As the blackness of the night sky set it the adults started to put the fire out as everyone was getting ready to go inside.

My mom told me to let Suzanne sleep in my room, and for me to make a pallet on my brother's floor. I went to my room to get my pillow and a blanket. She followed that with a smile, telling me that she looked forward to sleeping in my bed.

Everyone had gone to bed and should have been asleep , so I got up quietly made my way to my room. When I opened the door I head Suzanne whisper for me to be quiet and motioned me over to the bed. She quietly told me that she wanted to see my penis hard now. I nervously smiled and told her that it would not take long, pulling my cock out.

My cock was already at full attention from the thoughts of her lying in my bed half nude. She giggled and said she was glad to know that she was not the only one excited. Confused, I said really. When she pulled the covers back I saw that she did not have on any pants and her shirt was pulled up over her breast. I took no time to tell her that I wanted to kiss her, but I was a virgin.

Suzanne then pulled the covers back telling me to lay down with her. Our hearts were pounding like a band or drums, but our curiosities were about to be satisfied.

When she put her hand on my cock I could feel my entire body begin to tingle. I slid my hand down to her exposed crouch to feel her soft teen bush. Seconds later I could feel that her pussy was warm and extremely wet.

We began kissing like the teens we were and human nature took over. As I began dry humping her, I could feel the wetness of her excited teen love box. Without any effort, my cock started making its way inside of her. She held my body tight to hers and my pumps began to gain rhythm with her hips.

She pulled away from kissing me just long enough to tell me that she wanted to feel me cum inside of her. At this time I did not have a rational thought in my head, telling her that I wanted to stay inside of her all night. It was only a few moments later when the two of us stated pumping hard, resulting in an exhilarating orgasm for the both of us.

The next day Suzanne asked her mom and dad if I could come stay at their house for a weekend before the two of us went back to school. Her mom looked at me smiling, and said that she would love to have me for a weekend. As my mind started racing, I looked at my mother who said that would be fine, to make sure I packed my tooth brush. I quickly made my way to my room and began packing my bag.

Within the hour me and Suzanne were jumping into the back of her parents conversion van. The back of the van gave us plenty of time to discuss our curiosities and share our horny ideas Subscribe Published by AtlantaPhotographer. First Time Taboo. Leave a comment Comments Related stories Related Videos Related galleries. Kissing Cousin Bedtime Play First Time Masturbation Voyeur This is a true account of a playful time between myself and my female cousin at a time when we were both in the mood for some sexual exploration.

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My first sexual experience was also with a cousin. I was 14 she was 8. I had four and a half inches. She loved having sex after that first time and the beauty of it was I could cum inside her lil pussy and she couldnt get pregnant. JavaScript is required for this website.

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French Country Girls George helps out kissing cousins. Avid fucking of 2 cousins 7 min Teenfan36 - Threeways Stay All in the Family A trip to the family leads to an incestuous threeway. Girls kissing nice 4 min Hot-brunette - Plus an Aunt comes by. My Cousin's 18th They were like sisters.

Sex between virgin kissing cousins

Sex between virgin kissing cousins

Sex between virgin kissing cousins.


Summer With My Cousins – Erotic and sex stories

She straddled him naked from behind rubbing her itchy femininity on his hard muscled cheeks. There was Ma and Pa and Granny Moses dressed in their Sunday best and all my brothers and sisters fidgeting and squirming on the hard wooden planks.

None of us young ones were dressed splendiferous like regular adults, but that was normal up our way. I should say my name is Sue Ellen Barker and that I am just turned seventeen. Those little minxes spritz their hair with sticky stuff and even paint everything on their face with lipstick and powder making them look like clowns and not real women that have babies and do the cooking and the cleaning all day long. Jethro had a habit of wrapping me in his big hairy arms and telling me,.

I would just bent over and pull my drawers down in front of all my other siblings laughing hard enough to beat the band and he would shove his big middle finger up my boom-di-ay without any ceremony whatsoever. He made me get up on my toes and sort of dance at the end of his thick paw like a pretend ballerina without any music.

My Ma laughed and told me,. You be right careful around him because he never asks for permission and simply sticks it in before a girl rightly knows what is going on. For some strange reason that sounded totally exciting and I was reminded of my brother Jethro with his impetuous finger that was a source of guilty addiction to me. I was often in or around the still out in the deep forest delivering food or ingredients on orders from either my Ma or Pa and I would squat down in the grass and watch Uncle Simple haul the sacks of mash over and adjust the heat in the coils to just the right level for a perfect brew of hooch.

I was never tempted to taste the stuff because I had seen one of my older sisters in the clutches of withdrawing from the poison after using it far too much for her own good. She was a teetotaler now and wagged her pretty finger at the drunks down at the crossroads trying to forget how she was in their place for longer than she wanted to remember. One afternoon down at the still, I went into the weeds to take a long-delayed wee-wee and was startled to see my Uncle Simple looking at me real strange from behind one of the tall trees that had survived the long-ago fire that had cleared out all the dead wood down low on the ground.

He could probably see my white cotton undies and from his angle probably had a good field of vision right up my naked crack as I squatted down doing my business the way nature demands from time to time.

In fact, I felt the same way I did when my brother Jethro was making me dance at the end of his finger like I was a puppet on a string. I was able to stand and re-arrange my clothing before he approached me and wrapped his big arms around me like some bear getting ready to fight an intruder. My head only came up to his belly and the next thing I knew he had pushed my head down lower and I was introduced to his long thick shaft sticking out in a way that indicated to me he was expecting me to do something nasty like one of those girls over by the highway.

Not really certain what to do, I started to blow on his bullet head. It had a little drop on the tip like a pearl of sticky oil ready to drop off to the ground. I knew instinctively I should lick it and it spread inside my mouth like medicine soothing me into opening my mouth real wide to take him inside and let him start to pump me full of Uncle Simple juice. The sound of him panting and groaning was enough to get me all riled up and excited inside and all I could think was he might even want me to bend over for him after he finished the mouth business.

I got my first load from Uncle Simple straight down my surprised throat and it was sitting in my tummy like a warm reminder of the impulsive nature of male demands. I was ready to pull my drawers down at the hint of a suggestion from him but he just laughed and patted me on top of my head like I was a well-trained dog. The truth was that I found all three of them to be attractive and I could easily see my lips surrendering to their mouths just the way girls are supposed to do when a boy is in the kissing mood.

My only problem was that cousin Clyde had a huge moustache that might tickle me into laughing at time when girls are supposed to be sighing with satisfaction and not laughing like some village idiot when a boy sticks his tongue in her mouth. The cousins loaded the truck and I climbed in the back with Adam and Billy. It was such a silly question that I was forced to giggle and that led to them taking off my training bra and each taking a breast to suck on like little babies looking for a mid-day snack.

Then, they were taking turns between my nipples and my mouth and I lost track of which one was doing what to me. The next thing I knew was that they had my panties down to my ankles and one was playing with my bottom and the other was starting to explore my teenaged slit with his inquisitive tongue.

Of course, praying was the last thing on my mind at the moment because I was certain the good Lord would not approve of what came next and I knew my Ma and Pa would feel exactly the same way. Meanwhile, my Cousin Billie was bouncing his dick on my happy bush and eventually found my entrance and relieved me of my unwanted cherry at the very first pot-hole.

After that, I could concentrate on Billie humping me like a husband doing his Saturday night duty. I wrapped my legs around his denim jeans and held him in tight just the way I saw the other girls doing it behind the schoolhouse. He seemed to like that because it forced him to spurt oodles of cream. I did my level best to keep it all inside so as not to make a mess on the jars we were taking to deliver for sale.

I saw Clyde looking at us through the rear view mirror and I knew that he was plotting to get his turn just as soon as his driving chores were over. I was a bit tired after taking care of his two brothers but the thought of that moustache tickling me between my legs was enough to make my pulse beat a little faster and I hoped we would get to our destination real quick-like.

I never had any doubt that I was a lucky girl to have three handsome male cousins with excellent male parts to train me in the way of men and improve my sexual talents to help me corral a husband before I hit the old maid age of twenty and lost my fresh bloom of youth and juicy feminine liquids.

It was probably a good thing that I was a technical virgin until I passed the age of seventeen because my Granny was real strict about such matters what with her being a well respected church elder and all. My horny male relatives knew enough to keep their paws off me until I was matured and ready to give up some honey to someone I knew and trusted. The fact that they all believed in the benefit of putting a girlfriend over their knees and whaling the tar out of her backside only spurred me to a flurry of promiscuous invitations whenever they were around buzzing right next to my patient honey.

Clyde had the biggest equipment of the three and he never was reluctant to shove it up my pretty little ass or hump my pussy every which way but Sunday with my ankles wrapped around his muscular neck.

He was a copious spunk producer and I hoped that my pills would protect me from getting in the family way with members of my own family. It was the dangers of inbreeding that scared me but I was adamant about not giving up my attraction to my three cousins just because of genetics.

I liked their spirit of adventure and allowed them to take outrageous liberties with my person that I seldom granted to any other suitor. The two younger cousins dropped off to a satiated prick sleep and I was left with Clyde as my only pussy eating carnal partner for the after midnight hours. He seemed to actually enjoy working on my secret garden with his bad boy equipment and I allowed him to wander all the way back to my tight little rear door to show me how skilled his tongue could reach into difficult to cover corners requiring oral attention.

I counted at least three separate orgasms before he even started to get his engine revved up for a nice cum in my ass. I was completely hooked on his pussy-eating talents and knew I would shed all my clothes to take him between my legs whenever he wanted. He exhausted me so completely that I was unable to stop him when he hoisted me over his lap and spanked me with a heavy hand until my ass and the back of my legs were beet red from his blows.

His hardness spread me open and I sprayed him with my juices like I was marking my territory to keep the other young girls away from his liquid gifts of love. I saw my mama peeking in the window and watching me with a smile on her work-worn face. I guess it was a lot better than getting involved with any of her own children because that was a little too close to home for comfort.

The cousins were hard workers and I guess I managed to give them some degree of motivation to help us increase our moonshine production to the highest level ever. We must have caught the eye of the federal folks down near the Capitol because they sticking their nasty snouts into our business by pretending it were all about income tax.

An awful lot of ordinary citizens were consuming our product and happy to get it without paying all those taxes they hit the big distilleries with every time they slapped a stamp on a bottle of booze. Of course, it all got passed on to the consumer with no mention of the government taking its cut just like they used to do with the tobacco industry. Cousin Clyde and I were doing our humping business in the bushes up at the mountain pass when we were stumbled over by a young man with that look to him that said,.

We let him up and dressed with him watching us with a nervous pair of eyes. Besides, he was a handsome devil with curly red hair that flowed down to his collar. I got this urge to run my hands through his pretty hair but I was a mite cautious because I knew Clyde would not take it too kindly. We decided that Clyde would take the booze down to the truck and that I would stand guard over the interloper until he returned with Billy and Adam to kick his ass for whatever information he had.

As soon as Clyde disappeared down the trail to the logging road, I told the handsome government man,. He seemed a little confused so I gave him a nudge in his privates with the end of my long gun and he got the message right away. It was a pure pleasure to see him stripping his duds off and letting me see his long, thick dong that looked like it belonged on a donkey and not a human being.

He looked at me with angry eyes and I knew if he had the gun, he would be spanking my pretty ass with enthusiasm in a way that would be certain to bring tears to my eyes and a spark of downright nasty to my immortal soul. I discovered his name was Mike Murphy and that he hailed from far away Saint Louis in a big city with lots of other agents and a jail that was made special for locking up us tax evaders for crimes against the innocent citizens.

It was easy to see he had his ears stuffed with the government propaganda that disregarded the fact that the general public was sick to death of their growing taxes and bought our hooch because it was a better product and a whole lot cheaper than the highly touted booze the big boys was making with their greedy blessing.

I got all submissive and cooperative immediately and he knew I was his for the taking. I guess my naked body was too tempting for him to ignore regardless of the circumstances and he nailed me hard right there on top of the grass pounding my naked ass into the dewy sod with his long, thick cock that felt no guilt in dishing out justice to a sinful female outlaw in the privacy of the empty forest clearing.

That agent man did me so hard that I was panting fit to be tied and squirting my female juices in a way that betrayed my pleasure with his forceful rough treatment. I kind of hoped he had some handcuffs somewhere and he would put them on me to show me I had no choice but to follow his every order.

Thankfully, we took care of business and I had managed to come to a satisfactory orgasm two times before the sounds of my three cousins coming up from the logging road made us get dress in a real hurry. He smiled at me and disappeared in the deep brush like one of the Indians that used to roam these woods with no fondness of us European invaders from a foreign land.

When the boys showed up, I simply explained with tears in my eyes how he had overpowered me and took off running back up the pass lickity split like a jackrabbit with curly red hair. I was right gratified they didn't show any inclination to be chasing after him because he might tell them about my bad behavior. Incest Fantasy Feb 26, Kissing Cousins 23 minute read 0 Comments 0. Our farm had the biggest still in the valley. It belonged to Uncle Simple.

Sex between virgin kissing cousins

Sex between virgin kissing cousins

Sex between virgin kissing cousins