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But today is different. What on earth?!? We lift the box at our stations, and the first thing I see is red curry paste. Then lemongrass. Then coconut milk.

Harmony and ben starr

Harmony and ben starr

Harmony and ben starr

Harmony and ben starr

To round out the flavor of the scramble, we also added wild onions which I foraged in the park behind my house. I know it would help broaden my worldview and I think it would help many other people too. We can also experience a higher Harmony and ben starr of pleasure and satisfaction than can Harmony and ben starr animal counterparts. Back to lobster. Harmon I have a flock of free range chickens in my suburban back yard.

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So I am so sorry that it has been so long that I have posted a blog.

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Interesting interview. Unusual to hear somebody say something nice about Jerry Lewis. Thanks for posting. If you find out the name of that documentary, please pass it along.

Sounds intriguing. Please give us a heads up if that documentary even becomes available!! As a kid growing up in the '60s, I saw Ben Starr's name on credits quite a few times. I had no idea he was still around. Leave it to you to find him! Again, wonderful stuff, and I look forward to the next part or I hope parts.

Oscar and June Levant were married for 33 years, until his death in ; they had three children, Marcia, Lorna, and Amanda. Great interview with my dad. Can't wait to read Part II. Thanks so much! This is a great gift! What a talented gentleman. Post a Comment. Posted by Kliph Nesteroff at AM. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Search This Blog. View my complete profile.

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Harmony and ben starr

Harmony and ben starr

Harmony and ben starr. Orientation


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So I am so sorry that it has been so long that I have posted a blog. But first things first… Los Angeles! I arrived on L. I had a series of meeting in L.

We ate together, cooked together, made Youtube videos together coming soon and had an amazing time. Who is an Art Director for T. It was great to play with their chickens.

It made me miss the 12 hens I had in my backyard for 2 years before the city took them away from me. Food is always my contribution to the Burning Man Experience. Let me take a minute to describe Burning Man. Burning Man is an annual event where 60, people go into the remote desert of Northwest Nevada and build the perfect city.

During the week of the event, this city called Black Rock City, named for the massive dry lakebed where the city is built- the Black Rock playa , is one of the largest cities in Nevada. If you are a millionaire you might bring a restaurant or bar or sponsor a massive art project.

If you are a broke student, but are good at giving massages, your contribution may just be giving out free massages. The city is diverse with many different religions, ideals, and races.

But the ultimate goal at Burning Man is to prove that every individual can express themselves freely and fully, and still live in peace and harmony with their neighbors.

Because of Masterchef, I was not able to help plan our camps infrastructure and logistics this year like I normally do. Our breakfasts and lunches consist of light grazing on pasta salads, beef jerky, dry fruit and nuts.

We spread out all our leftovers on a table and walked up and down our street inviting neighbors over to eat with us. People were telling stories, singing songs and chatting with strangers from all around the world as if they were old friends.

So this year we have planned extra food and named our camp with the pot luck theme with hopes of playing a bigger part in contributing to the Burning Man community.

If Chris and I make good time, we will arrive at Burning Man at midnight tonight. As the event is in the remote desert, I will not have access to email or phone until Sept.

So, for the next week bring a little Burning Man into your own life. Talk to a stranger about something other than the weather, bake some muffins and give them to a homeless person.

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Harmony and ben starr

Harmony and ben starr

Harmony and ben starr