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In a frank exchange early in our courtship, I told my girlfriend that I have no kinks. Last night, my girlfriend placed my hands around her neck and asked me to choke her. My instant reaction was to say no, not out of any objection in principle but because I thought it might be dangerous in my inexperienced hands. Later I did comply, but I was definitely holding back. I dearly love my main squeeze—clever pun there, huh?

Free erotic choking stories

Free erotic choking stories

Even had she been able to scream, her cries would have gone unheard. Lindsay ceased to exist. Grabbing her by the ankles, he pulled Lindsay to the edge of the bed until her abdomen was perpendicular to the edge of her mattress. Free erotic choking stories Gallary Miley cyrus nude august. Wtories please either register or login. Her attacker increased the ferocity of his thrusts into her. The shallow sound Cool asians my breath was loud in my ears as I willed you to twist a little.

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Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Posted Thu 20th of April Report. Introduction: If you do not like choking, strangulation, death, rape, or snuff stories, don't read this one! Her Last Breath Toweling herself off, Lindsay stepped from the shower and stood in front of the full-length mirror mounted on the wall.

Using a fresh towel wrap her damp shoulder-length brown hair in, she gazed into the mirror. In reality, Lindsay was strikingly beautiful. Standing exactly five feet tall, she weighed a petite yet muscular 95 pounds. Raising her perfectly toned arm to her face, Lindsay used her delicate fingers to stretch the skin next to her eye, attempting to smooth out barely noticeable wrinkles forming around her eyes. As her mind raced through the litany of chores and Christmas shopping awaiting her tomorrow, she slowly blotted her delicate skin, absorbing the remaining beads of water.

A cool breeze flowed through the louvered glass window in her bathroom, sending a refreshing chill through her body. Her week had been hectic.

As the two-week Christmas hiatus approached, Lindsay had scrambled to complete two forty-plus page thesis papers and final exams in two other classes. She imagined a make-shift poster-board on the wall, her harried picture pasted in the corner of the flimsy cardboard as the evil professors took turns placing their names on the date they predicted she would lose the battle. She pictured her Strategic Management professor, Carolyn Miers, cackling like a witch as she counted her winnings, correctly predicting Lindsay would lose the battle on the day before the holiday break began.

Retrieving a bottle of vanilla scented body lotion from the counter-top, she squeezed a large dollop of the silky liquid into the palm of her hand.

Slowly, she worked the smooth lotion into her skin, ensuring it was spread evenly over her body. Stepping from her bathroom to her bedroom, Lindsay was unaware of the stranger watching her every move. Even before the picture illuminated the screen, Lindsay knew it was P. Lindsay found herself reminiscing to her earliest memories of the popular show intro.

Her father never missed an episode. She recalled how disappointed her father had been when Johnny Carson stepped aside and handed the late-night torch to Jay Leno. Despite his displeasure, he continued to watch. In no time, he adjusted to the transition and before long, he came to accept the change.

In a sad twist of irony, her father passed away the same month as Johnny Carson. For Lindsay, this classic would forever be intertwined with memories of her dad. As she slipped the shorts over her feet and up her muscular legs, Lindsay was unaware of the stranger studying her every move.

Making one final trip through her house, Lindsay confirmed all the doors and windows were locked and turned off the porch light. Or so she thought. As Lindsay walked down the short hallway to her bedroom, she heard the familiar sound of her cell phone vibrating on the bar-top that separated her small kitchen from the dining area. As always, Lindsay looked at the caller-ID before answering.

Screening calls had become a societal norm and Lindsay was no different. It was Kelly, her best friend. Lindsay answered the phone. Just wanted to see what time you wanted to hit the road tomorrow?

I need to sleep in. See you tomorrow! With that, she made her way to her bedroom. Out of habit, Lindsay closed her bedroom door behind her and flipped the switch to the ceiling light. Taking a second for her eyes to adjust to the darker conditions, she climbed into her bed. Lindsay contemplated whether she should get under the covers or not. As Lindsay made herself comfortable, the stranger, showing the patience of a well-disciplined hunter, had settled in, awaiting his moment to strike.

Taking a few minutes to unwind, Lindsay flipped through the channels with her remote control. As Lindsay slept, she was unaware of the shadowy figure looming above her, slowly massaging himself through his dark pants. Lindsay looked peaceful as she slept. Her damp hair had bled onto the pillow, creating a large wet spot in the shape of her head. Slowly, she inhaled and exhaled as her body drifter deeper and deeper into slumber.

As she slept, the stranger moved closer to her bed. Slowly, each step strategically planned out and executed, he inched closer towards his target.

Lindsay had been asleep for an hour now as she shifted in her sleep. Without waking, she rolled from her right side to her left, not sensing the shadowy figure now only inches away from her.

Her mind drifted deeper into unconsciousness as she began to dream. Sequence after sequence of dream scenes flashed across her subconscious sleeping mind. Lindsay was dreaming that she was lying on her right side facing the down-slope of a grassy knoll; a grassy knoll covered in thick bluebonnet flowers.

At the bottom of the hill, she saw a clown making pottery in a circus tent. Her dream hill became steeper and steeper. She felt like she was losing her balance, as if on the verge of rolling down the hill.

As dreams often do, changing from scene to scene with notice, Lindsay now found herself slipping from the edge of a 14 story roof. Startled, Lindsay awoke immediately. Her peaceful dream now in stark contrast to the actual nightmare she was about to endure. Adrenaline coursed through her body heightening her five senses, a natural physiological reaction to threat of danger and fear.

Lindsay screamed as she realized a large shadowy figure loomed over her. As she did, she felt the stranger place a strong hand over her mouth and press down forcefully. Being held down, Lindsay began to kick and flail violently in an attempt to free herself.

His arm was incredibly strong. Lindsay saw the large muscles in his forearms ripple as he pressed his hand into her face. Her arms thrashed wildly as her attacker swiftly mounted her, his full weight now seated on her stomach. Lindsay did not have time to react nor did she have the strength to fight the attack.

Lindsay felt his body weight crushing her stomach and lower ribs. In an act of desperation, Lindsay clawed at his exposed neck, tightly digging her sharp fingernails into his flesh.

Her attacker groaned as he drew his arm back and, in one powerful sweeping motion back across his body, struck her forearm with his. The force of the blow caused her upper body to roll slightly. Sensing an opening in her feeble defense, her attacker grasped Lindsay around the neck with both of his powerful hands, squeezing tightly. Lindsay trembled with fear as she realized she could not breathe.

She began striking her attacker in the forearms in an act of despair; doing anything she could to dislodge his vice-like grip from her throat.

Her efforts were useless. His arms, now flexed tight and rigid, were unmovable. Lindsay felt herself being lifted off the bed, her attacker effortlessly picking her up by her throat. Lindsay gagged as her body screamed for oxygen. Within seconds, her brain felt the effects of being deprived of the glucose-rich blood it needed to remain alive. Again, Lindsay punched her attacker solidly in the face but her efforts were futile. He seemed to draw a sense of morbid arousal from her struggling.

She felt her energy begin to wane. Suspended in the air by her throat, she felt herself losing consciousness as he maneuvered Lindsay into position. Lindsay desperately needed to breathe. She used all her strength to try to pull her attackers hands from her neck but he was too strong.

A single tear ran down her cheek as the room began to spin. Lindsay tried to scream but nothing escaped through his vice-like grip.

Lindsay felt her attacker pull her body into his and then, with incredible strength, he slammed her into the wall. Everything went black. Now unconscious, Lindsay could not put up a fight. Her shadowy attacker tossed her limp body like a rag-doll onto the bed. Even had she been able to scream, her cries would have gone unheard. Her attacker knew the nearest house was far enough away nobody would hear her scream. He also knew at this time of night, the road in front of her rented home was infrequently traveled.

With an air of confidence, he flipped the cream colored light switch, illuminating her room. He pulled his hooded black sweatshirt off and inspected his body. Red streaks of blood had trickled down his neck to his muscular chest; wounds inflicted from her piercing fingernails as she clawed at his throat.

His cheek was red and swollen from a lucky blow of her tiny fist and his arms had multiple scratches as Lindsay tried in vain to defend herself.

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Free erotic choking stories

Free erotic choking stories

Free erotic choking stories

Free erotic choking stories. Upload successful

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Free erotic choking stories

Free erotic choking stories

Free erotic choking stories